SlideCaptain 3.0 is ready to board

It is 2015  and we are starting from scratch!

Since the beginning of SlideCaptain in 2013 our presentation service takes advantage of everything that the web has to offer and we provide this elementary functionality to our customers. The idea of displaying any online content is still the leading vision, but rest assured the great concept of chapters and pages and the in app image gallery will stay part of SlideCaptain 3. 

In the past there were some problems in the use of our presentation service, so we decided to rebuild and refactor SlideCaptain from the ground up to greatly improve the flexibility and usability.

The new SlideCaptain 3 is a complete redesign. Now you have much greater control over both content and layout without compromising in the least on ease-of-use. We used the idea of Angular Gridster - that allows building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns - to rebuild the editor of SlideCaptain.

It was  a stressful, intense, and highly emotional process, but now it´s done and SlideCaptain 3 is ready - Sign up now

Of course you can use the "old" version still for a few months.