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SlideCaptain is a distinctive way for creating and presenting your ideas. Insert nearly any web content, upload images from various sources or use our integrated image gallery to pimp your Flow.


Build well structured content with sections and pages to always keep the perfect overview for you and your audience.


Edit your presentations right in the browser. All changes are immediately and securely synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere. No more need for bulky software downloads.


Choose from a wide selection of perfectly matching color themes, a broad variety of quality fonts and fluid animations to create eye catching presentations.


Show your work wherever you are and with your favorite device. All presentations are fully responsive and can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets or phones.


Visually impress your audience with beautiful images. Upload your images with ease from a variety of sources or pick from more than 500 free high resolution images. Enhance each image with the built in Adobe Aviary photo editor.


Share your Flow with your friends via E-mail or social networks, embed it into any website via iframe or export as PDF for offline presentation.


Present your code in a beautiful way. Use the integrated code editor with support for more than 20 programming languages. Or simply insert CodePen, jsFiddle, JS Bin, TypeScript playground etc.


Draw more attention to your content by using icons. Choose from dozens of freely scalable vector icons of all kinds.


Whenever you are stuck, just refer to the self help or get in touch personally via chat or E-mail. We are always here to help.

Include PDF/WORD Documents

For times you need to include special informations, you can simply embed a PDF or WORD document in your next presentation.

Some examples

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