SlideCaptain enables you to insert nearly any webcontent into your presentation!

With SlideCaptain, your presentations come alive with nearly any content from the web.





SlideCaptain is a distinctive way for creating and presenting your ideas. The full featured presentation editor runs right in your browser and your Flows are immediately synced to the cloud.

Insert nearly any web content, use images from various sources or use our integrated image gallery to pimp your Flow. Build well structured content with sections and pages.

Try it by yourself. For further information about embeddable content click here.


Show your work wherever you are and with your favorite device. The presentations are fully responsive and can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets or phones.

Present in real-time or share your Flow with your friends via E-mail or social networks. Embed your Flow into any website via iframe or export as ZIP or PDF  for offline presentation.

SlideCaptain in action

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